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Personal presentation in a workplace impacts many aspects of business, when staff look better it not only portrays a compelling image to your clients, your staff will also feel better about themselves, and this directly reflects a positive work attitude.

Your people are what makes your business tick, and if they feel great about themselves it filters through your organisation and out to your clientele.

Does your team understand the power of personal presentation & the impact it has on your business ?

 Do they know how to best dress to maximise outcomes with clients?

 What sort of external image is appropriate to the organisation you represent? 

Our Solution

We can create a tailored workshop that will have your team inspired and wanting to take personal responsibility for their appearance.

Our Team

We have a team of hair professionals makeup artists & models.

Stylish Advisor coaches everything from dressing for success to hair and makeup techniques. 

Why you need a photography Stylist

✨Your brand is vital to its success. 🙌🏼

✨Is your company currently going through a rebrand or launching a new product? 🤔Do you plan have a photo shoot to reflect the rebranding? 🤔📸

✨If so watch my video 🎥 on why you need a photography stylist! 👗 Hint, that's me :)

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