Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Stylish Advisor can help maximum presence on social media / in-store events / assist in buying the latest "IT" product or create a new business visual display from small in store areas to the whole design and placement of each product.

The layout of your store has a huge impact on how a customer values and views your brand. Make sure you are maximizing sales with key product placement and visual display.  

 In this role, we will serve as the face and voice of your company, build brand recognition, and successfully promote your products and services. We will communicate and engage with customers, both online and offline, in meaningful ways to increase your company's brand awareness and add generate new sales opportunities.

 There are many reasons to include your brand ambassadors in the general marketing strategy of your company:

  • 74% of the users would trust word of mouth referral for a purchase (this grows up to 91% on the B2B scenario)
  • People are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if it has been referred to them by someone close than by any other means.
  • Buyers have a stronger bond with a brand if their friends and acquaintances share it.
  • The lifetime value of referred clients is 16% higher.
  • Customers are 4 times more likely to buy through word of mouth.

Social Media

 The Social Media & Content Strategist develops paid and non-paid social media and content strategies, helping to grow a client's business through a variety of online and social channels.  Sound and responsible social media / content strategy and planning. Proper and innovative execution of work in all areas on schedule. 

Visual Merchandiser

 It is the job of the visual merchandiser to bring the displays to life, make an impact on the consumer, draw shoppers into the store and set the overall mood.